Pool cleaning

The best pool cleaning service around Salt lake City, Utah

5 Star Pool Cleaning is the best spa and pool cleaning service in Utah. We offer one-time and recurring cleaning service visits depending on your needs so that you can spend your time enjoying your pool rather than cleaning it.

Our pool experts will clean your pool via the skimmer basket and vacuum, brush the tiles, clean the backwash filters, and make sure your pump is performing correctly.

When you select us for your weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services, you get talented local pool cleaners who use top-notch pool cleaning products, tools, and techniques.

Take the hard work out of having a pool and leave it to 5 Star Pool Cleaning. We have pool maintenance packages where we manage your pool service as if it was our own.

Our Services

  • – Clean/Backwash Filter
  • – Inspect Filtration System
  • – Maintain SCG System
  • – Test Water and add any required chemicals to balance the pool water
  • – Clean/Brush Tile
  • – Brush Walls
  • – Skim/Net Water Surface
  • – Pool/Spa Vacuum
  • – Empty and clean the skimmer basket(s) and the pump strainer basket(s)
Best Pool Cleaning Service Sandy Utah